Car Wreck


Car Wreck

Car wrecks can cause long-term, life-altering serious injuries — and even, sometimes both in the same incident. Some may feel the consequences of a car wreck for the rest of their lives, a disfiguring scar or throbbing pain serving as a constant reminder of their devastating wreck.

In Georgia, car wrecks are ruled by fault-based and comparative fault laws. This means that you may need an attorney in your corner to prove or disprove your fault in court, which may be necessary if insurance companies do not produce a settlement that’s to your satisfaction. Unfortunately, some innocent parties file insurance claims and accept partial blame for an accident in order to take their settlement, without knowing that they have the right to address the issue in court.

At The Mabra Firm, we understand that you may be tempted to take that offer because you want to move on. We don’t blame you for wanting to close such an unpleasant chapter in your life. That’s why our legal team picks up where you left off, continuing the fight so you and your loved one can focus on recovery after a car wreck.

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