Need a Premises Liability Lawyer in Atlanta?

Imagine having a great evening at your home or a hotel, and suddenly, you are shot. Or enjoying your walk within your hotel premises, and suddenly, you are a victim of assault.

These are situations that hit the headlines regularly, yet they may change the victim’s life immensely.

When assault, shooting, or rape occurs, it is usually in areas such as hotels or apartments where you believe you will be safe. Therefore, investigations are typically carried out to find out who was responsible.

According to O.C.G.A. § 51-3-1, property owners, landlords, and property management companies have legal duties in keeping their property safe.

Under the premises liability laws, business and premise owners should keep their patrons safe, and adequate security measures must be put in place to ensure that perpetrators are not committing crimes.

Therefore, when these incidents occur, investigations are carried out to understand why and how a criminal could access the premises and harm people.

Suppose a landlord, property manager, or business failed to protect guests from criminal activity, and you have been a victim of such an incident in the Atlanta area. In that case, you need a premises liability lawyer in Atlanta from The Mabra Firm to help you with your personal injury claim.

Landlord Negligence at Apartments and Commercial Properties

Commercial property and apartment owners have to keep their properties safe from harm. As legal professionals, we understand that not all cases of assault can be prevented. However, we also know that there are common-sense rules that property owners need to abide by to keep everyone on their premises safe.

For instance, every security feature within a premise should be updated, and when things such as gates or locks are broken, it is the property owner’s duty to get it fixed on time.

Additionally, the business owner has to close a business premise until a perceived threat has passed and warn people of the impending danger whenever there is a security threat.apartment-shooting-liability-case-in-atlanta

Suppose the property owner failed to take the necessary preventive security measures and cases such as rape and sexual assault, shootings, and other violent crimes occur. In that case, the management company or property owner should be held accountable.

These laws apply to places such as restaurants, apartment complexes, assisted-living facilities, nursing homes, and drug rehabilitation centers. It all boils down to the owners and management teams working to protect the individuals there.

What Happens When There is Negligence by Landlords?

If you get injured or hurt due to the owner’s failure to act when there was a security threat, you can file a negligent security claim, and a premises liability attorney in Atlanta can help you with legal representation for your case.

While a premises liability lawsuit is often challenging and life-altering, they can be equally rewarding. Your premises liability lawyer can help you win the case.

When there is a claim for premises liability, it forces facility owners and managers who are slacking on their security to do the right thing.

Shooting Injury Claim Lawyer in Atlanta

Shooting is in itself traumatic to the victim. A gunshot wound can impact your health and mobility and leave you with extensive medical expenses as you may need ongoing treatment.


At the same time, you may lose income and carry emotional scars due to the suffering. Working with an injury law firm in Atlanta can help you cover the financial cost of the situation.

While you may think that only the shooter is liable for your injury, this is not always the case.

If you file a civil case against them, they might not have the financial muscle to pay for your injury. Therefore, you will be stuck with your injuries and medical bills.

If you can determine that the premise owner was also liable under premises liability laws, you can get help when you need it the most.

Working with one of our injury lawyers can go a long way in getting the help that you need.

Winning your case may not be easy, but when you get the proper support from a personal injury lawyer, you can go through the case and get fair compensation from a negligent party.

Why Choose Our Atlanta Premise Liability Law Firm

The Mabra Firm has some of the top Atlanta premises liability lawyers at your disposal. Our legal team has worked with many victims of shootings and assaults to help them get the compensation that they need for their injuries and suffering. Therefore, we understand all that you need to win your case and recover after these debilitating incidents. The expenses that your compensation can cover include emergency medical procedures, surgery, physical therapy, follow-up medical care, and lost income.

We will help you establish the truth as needed to win a liability case. Our personal injury attorneys will help you prove that a dangerous condition existed and that the defendant is the owner or manager of the property. We will also help you verify that you were hurt due to the danger that was lurking and that the defendant knew about it.

We understand that sometimes, property owners may pretend that they have no knowledge of the dangerous conditions that enabled the shooting or assault to happen. In such cases, we use all types of evidence available to help you strengthen your defense. The evidence we may use include:

  • 1. Video coverage from the premises where your accident or shooting happened
  • 2. Emails that relate to the hazardous conditions of the building, especially if the owner had prior knowledge of the issue
  • 3. Eyewitnesses who were there at the time of the accident
  • 4. Photographs that capture the unsafe conditions that expose members of the public to danger
  • 5. Inspection records documenting these conditions

No matter what happens or how tough you feel your case can get, our premises liability lawyers are dedicated to ensuring justice for the victims and will work tirelessly to uncover any sign of negligence and lies. Don’t delay contacting our personal injury law firm. According to O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33, premises liability claims have a two-year statute of limitations


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