Atlanta, GA – Police Officer Hit by Drunk Driver During Foot Chase


Atlanta, GA (December 6, 2022) - In Atlanta early on Tuesday, December 6, a suspected drunk driver struck a police officer and the person he was pursuing, sending both of them to the hospital, according to police and local media.

According to the Atlanta Police Department, the incident occurred around 12 a.m. close to Jonesboro Road as the officer was attempting to make an arrest. The officer had responded to a call about a man threatening a woman with a gun at a gas station nearby. 

According to authorities, the officer spotted the accused suspect, who then fled. The suspect led the officer on a chase through the woods before fleeing onto a street with oncoming traffic.

As the chase continued, multiple cars came to a halt, but an intoxicated driver went around the vehicles and hit the officer, according to WSB-TV. The man the officer was attempting to arrest was also hit by the vehicle. 

According to police, the officer suffered multiple injuries and was taken to a hospital in stable condition.

According to the Atlanta police department, the suspect from the initial 911 call was also transported to a hospital with minor injuries and is now facing multiple charges, including obstruction and discharging a controlled substance.

The drunk driver who hit the police officer and the other pedestrian has been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, less safe, too fast for conditions, driving-improper/erratic lane change, and two counts of serious injury by vehicle.

Pedestrian Accidents in Georgia 

A pedestrian is defined as anyone traveling along a sidewalk or roadway without a vehicle. Most of the time, this refers to people on foot, such as a jogger, a student walking to school, or anyone out for a stroll. It also includes people in wheelchairs and small children riding tricycles or scooters. Anyone on the road who is not driving a motorized vehicle is considered a pedestrian.

Accidents involving pedestrians are extremely dangerous. They are more serious than other types of accidents because a car can cause so much damage to an unprotected person, even when moving slowly. Almost all pedestrian accidents result in injuries, and many result in death. 

The law treats pedestrian accidents in the same way that it treats motor vehicle accident.  The victims have the right to recover the full cost of their medical bills as well as any other damages related to the accident. 

Just like motor vehicle accidents, the specifics of who is at fault will depend on what happened, and each case may be different. 

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