Georgia’s Premier Personal Injury Law Firm

At The Mabra Firm, we fight diligently and tirelessly for our clients just like we would fight for our own family members. That’s because our clients are family. When you work with The Mabra Firm, you’re brought into a supportive network comprised of attorneys with an excellent track record, supportive and communicative paralegals, and investigators and case managers steadfastly dedicated to your success.

At The Mabra Firm, our entire team of legal professionals stands by five core values:

Compensation: We dedicate our days to maximizing your claim.
Commitment: We aggressively pursue your interests.
Character: We are zealous advocates for justice.
Community: We respond to the needs of the greater Atlanta community.
Communication: We actively communicate with you.

Since 2007, Ronnie E. Mabra, Jr. and the Mabra team have been standing up for the rights of Georgians who have sustained injuries at work, on the road or on private property. We have committed our practice to personal injury law, with staff dedicated to thoroughly investigating, evaluating and preparing your case for the greatest chances of success. Not only do we fight tirelessly on your behalf whenever and wherever necessary, but we lend a helping hand as well, ensuring that your physical, mental and emotional needs are met.


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