Injury due to the negligence of others

When someone else’s actions cause you harm, you have the right to compensation. You also have the right to help from a firm with extensive knowledge of a wide variety of personal injury claim types. The Mabra Firm specializes only in personal injury—a focus that means we know the world of potential wrongs inside and out.

Mass Torts

If you are a part of a large, single-product claim, the Mabra Firm can help you navigate the often tricky legal route toward restitution.

Medical Malpractice

When a trusted figure like a doctor, nurse or surgeon negligently causes you injury, your world is turned upside down. The Mabra Firm understands—and will fight for your right to compensation.

Wrongful Death

If you believe a loved one’s death was caused by the negligence of others, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Your case is important, and your claim can be successful. Contact The Mabra Firm today.

Workers’ Comp

When your everyday workplace becomes a source of pain and suffering, call The Mabra Firm for a personal, respectful consultation.

Insurance Bad Faith

Bad faith behavior on the part of an insurance provider can take a variety of forms. The common denominator: the deprivation of a policy holder’s benefits or protection. It’s the law. The Mabra Firm can help your rights be recognized.

Social Security/Disability Denial

Injury is more than physical pain—it is a life-disrupting issue that affects every aspect of existence, including in some cases the ability to work. The Mabra Firm fights for the rights of injured workers in Social Security and disability denial cases.

Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse affects families all over Georgia. You are not alone. The Mabra Firm is dedicated to finding resolution for families when the worst happens.