Negligent Security: Determining Whether You Need to Sue a Person or a Corporation

Georgia law holds the owner of an establishment legally responsible for ensuring the safety of patrons and guests. Whether a criminal act of violence, such as a robbery or shooting, occurs within or without the walls of a commercial business or residential complex, the establishment’s owner or the tenant of that specific property may be held liable. The assumed liability, of course, is associated with the failure to provide effective security on the premises in question.

An injured victim should be able to prove the following to support his/her negligent security claim:
● What safety/security measures were necessary to prevent the crime?
● How did the owner fail to provide adequate security?
● Have similar incidents previously happened?
● Was the victim lawfully present at the specified property?

If you think you may have a negligent security claim, call The Mabra Firm. Let us help you seek justifiable punitive damages for your injury.