S.M.A.R.T. Holiday Travel Tips

Memorial Day is quickly approaching. AAA predicts nearly 43 Million people will be traveling over the holiday season. With an additional 1.5 Million people utilizing our highways, train tracks and runways, this year is expected to be the 2nd highest travel season since 2000. The attorneys and staff at The Mabra Firm wish everyone safe travels. We came up with five quick tips to share and help you travel S.M.A.R.T., especially if you’re planning to embark upon a road trip.

Stay alert. Be sure to get a full 8 hours of rest before getting behind the wheel. Maximize your time and take a quick nap before you commence travel. Set at least two alarms. You don’t want to oversleep and be tardy for your departure time.

Music helps boost your energy. Regardless of your mode of transportation, create a new playlist or tune into your favorite streaming channel. The experts as WebMD say it is a proven fact that listening to music helps lower stress and releases endorphins.

Anticipate and avoid peak traffic hours. AAA suggests the roads will be most heavily congested during the early afternoon on both Thursday and Friday. Plan your trip around those specific time frames. Otherwise expect the commute to take at least twice as long.

Rotate drivers. Share the load and take turns driving. A 10-hour trip quickly becomes less overwhelming when the driving responsibility is divided between two or three people. Before leaving home, remind all passengers to bring along a valid driver’s license.

Technology exists for our convenience. Use your hands-free devices. It’s the law! Also, it could be beneficial to add AAA or roadside assistance as a cell phone speed dial, just in case of an emergency.