How Can An Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Help With My Case?

Atlanta car accident lawyer

If you’ve been involved in a car accident that was no fault of your own, it will be in your best interest to hire an Atlanta car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

An experienced accident attorney can help with your injury claim and assist you in several ways after a motor vehicle accident caused by another driver.

Many accident victims can receive compensation that will cover their medical expenses, lost income, and other accident-related damages.

However, many people who don’t hire lawyers will accept settlements from the at-fault driver’s insurance company that are far less than what their claim is actually worth.

In the article below, we’ll cover what a car accident lawyer can do for you after a car accident.


They’ll Help You Understand the Laws and Regulations Surrounding Your Claim

Your insurance policy is nothing more than a contract that details the responsibilities of each party.

But deciphering the details of your insurance policy can be complicated and overwhelming, especially after an accident.

Auto accident attorneys are trained in personal injury law and understand your policy well enough to ensure the insurance company is acting in good faith.

Your auto accident lawyer will hold your insurance company accountable and make sure they uphold the contract’s requirements.

If your insurance company doesn’t want to cooperate, personal injury lawyers will help you hold them accountable so you can obtain the compensation you deserve.

There will also be many laws and regulations that apply to personal injury claims that only an attorney will be aware of and use to your advantage.

An attorney will help you through every step of the insurance claim and legal process.

They’ll be sure you understand the many laws and rules that apply to your case so you receive the compensation you deserve.

They’ll Investigate Your Accident

Skilled accident lawyers will take their time and investigate every contributing factor in your car accident.

Sometimes the cause of automobile accidents may seem pretty clear, but there could be multiple contributing factors.

Things like driver distraction, poor road conditions, lack of proper signage, or a vehicle malfunction could have contributed to the car crash.

A car accident lawyer can work with an accident reconstruction specialist to understand how the accident unfolded to determine who the at-fault driver really was and how much they are to blame for the accident.

They Can Determine All Responsible Parties

Experienced lawyers will identify the contributing factors to your accident so they can identify the responsible parties who may be liable for compensation.

And sometimes, there will be more responsible parties outside of the negligent party.

For example, if the at-fault driver was driving a company vehicle, their employer may bear some responsibility for your injuries.

If a vehicle malfunctions, like if the brakes go out, the manufacturer could be partially at fault.

They’ll Handle the Insurance Company

Insurance companies are ultimately in the business of making money.

And to make money, they need to pay out as little as possible on their claims.

Insurance adjusters are trained to negotiate insurance settlements in the company’s best interest and will do everything they can to minimize what they pay.

They may even try to deny a valid claim.

If you’re like most people and don’t have experience negotiating with insurance companies, it will be difficult to make sure you receive full compensation for your medical bills and property damage.

Soon after your accident, an insurance adjuster will likely contact you to try to get a recorded statement.

They will likely try to get you to inadvertently make a comment that could affect your ability to recover fair compensation.

Having an attorney on your side can have a significant impact on your claim.

They will negotiate with the insurance adjuster, handle all details of your claim, prepare a written or verbal statement carefully crafted to your benefit, and represent your best interests while fighting to obtain the compensation you deserve.

They Can Prove Liability for Your Injuries

Perhaps the most complicated part of any personal injury lawsuit or claim is proving that the other driver’s negligence caused your injuries.

All parties involved in the case, including the at-fault party, will try to shift the blame, making it hard to identify who really is responsible for the accident and your injuries.

An injury attorney will sift through the mountains of evidence so they can determine who caused your injuries and then build a strong argument on your behalf.

A personal injury attorney will have the skills and resources to obtain the evidence needed to build a case on your behalf against the at-fault party.

Your car accident attorney will:

  • Work with medical experts to validate the seriousness of your accident injuries.
  • Reconstruct the accident scene
  • Obtain the police reports
  • Gather your medical records from all of your doctors
  • Interview eyewitnesses

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They Will Determine the True Value of Your Injuries

One of the other more complicated parts of accident claims is valuing your injuries so you receive the compensation you deserve.

Your lawyer will assess all accident-related expenses, including things like a loss of enjoyment and estimated future medical costs, and other potential damages. 

Without projecting future costs, you could miss out on the compensation you are likely to need to complete your rehabilitation and recover fully from your injuries.

Insurance companies will do all they can to convince injury victims to accept lowball settlement offers so they can pay as little as possible for your claim.

Attorneys with experience handling countless auto accident claims will determine the actual value of your claim.

They won’t accept an offer from the at-fault party that does not cover the full extent of your losses.

Can I Handle a Car Accident Claim Myself?

Maybe. If you were in a minor fender bender, your car wasn’t really damaged, and you weren’t injured, you might be able to handle the claim yourself.

If you’re comfortable gathering necessary evidence and documents and you’re ready and willing to engage in the settlement negotiation process, you might be able to handle your car accident claim yourself.

However, even in minor fender benders where your car wasn’t damaged, your body is still impacted during the collision.

You may suffer an injury like whiplash that could take days or even weeks to start presenting symptoms.

When you don’t work with a car accident attorney, you might not be able to receive full compensation for your injuries.

And if you’re worried about the cost of your injury attorney, don’t be.

The vast majority of personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, so you only pay if they win your settlement.

There’s really no substitute for legal representation from a skilled legal professional.

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