Protection under the “Bad Faith” Statute

Thousands of lawsuits are filed within the U.S. court system every year. Leading up to the filings, clients are left to ponder whether the settlement will be worth their time. Depending on the nature of the case, the litigating attorney may shout a resounding “Yes!”

Consider the case of Central Baptist Church in Albany, GA. In 2014, the church sustained extensive roof damage due to a hail storm. Thankfully, the church had insurance and filed a claim. The insurance company completed a damage assessment which concluded the entire roof needed to be replaced. Instead, the insurance company only offered $1,000.00 to fix the damaged rooftop. Church members were not willing to accept this inadequate resolution. Yet the insurance company refused to make a higher offer, acting in “bad faith” toward its own customer.

Central Baptist Church hired Hudson King, a fellow personal injury law firm. The firm filed a lawsuit against the insurance company. During the trial in the U.S. District Court of Middle GA, presiding Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner ruled in favor of the church. Central Baptist was awarded a $1.75M settlement plus interest! It was undeniable that the same hail storm that damaged Central Baptist also affected several residences and commercial buildings in that South GA community. The insurance company failed to do the right thing in the beginning and it cost them in the end.

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